“Scientific Association for the Promotion of LifeLong Learning” ,S.A.P.L.Le.,is a Scientific Association, representing higher education graduates and professionals with an established interest in the use, implementation and dissemination of innovative education methods, training practices and new technologies regarding Health, Culture, Environment and any other human activity.

Colegio Nuestra Señora de Monte-Sión is a school located in Torrent, a city of about 85,000 inhabitants in Valencia city metropolitan area. At our school, there are 78 teachers and 3 psychologists currently working at our school. Located in a conflicting neighborhood with many dysfunctional families and a great social and economic polarization, we have a mix of 1200 Spanish and Valencian speaking students (Ss) as well as immigrant ones aged 3-18 Ss (from Ukraina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Equador, Romania, …). Our school charism is characterized by being an open school to the reality of immersed multicultural classrooms.

FORAVE – ASSOCIAÇÃO PARA A EDUCAÇÃO PROFISSIONAL DO VALE DO AVE is a vocational/technical private school located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, one of the most industrialized councils of the Ave Valley, in the North of Portugal. Established in 1990, FORAVE has level 5 courses in the areas of Company Management, Industrial Maintenance, Electronics and Automation, Polymer Processing Technology and Food Quality Control.

FORAVE´s main aim is the preparation of qualified young and adult students to answer the demands of the changing world of work not only in our own region/country but also at an international level. For this reason, the school management considers the participation in Erasmus + projects a very important step in students’ educational and professional path and has supported the school involvement in this type of projects (students ‘exchanges and work placements abroad) since 2003.

The Lycée Clos MAIRE is a general, technical, and vocational secondary school, located in Burgundy, eastern part of France, 300 km South of Paris. Every day, 100 teachers and administrative staff, 1000 pupils and students are working in our buildings. Students (15-19) study scientific, literary, humanities and artistic fields for the general part; industrial (maintenance, eco-design, electrical engineering) for the technological and vocational part. Thus, subjects such as French, foreign languages (English, German, Spanish), philosophy, Latin, history, geography, engineering sciences, biology, physics, chemistry, sports… are taught.

1st EPAL Kalampakas (1st Vocational High School of Kalampaka) is a Vocational and Training Institution in the city of Kalampaka, in central Greece. It serves the educational needs of young people who need to finish Secondary Vocational Education. There are approximately 35 teachers and 200 students of different age groups who have the opportunity to be trained in different fields of study like: Vehicle Technology, Electrical Engineering, Finance and Administration, Food Technology and Information Technology. The school provides students with two different titles: a Secondary Education Certificate and a Diploma of Specialisation (level 3) which offers them an acknowledged professional qualification for the labour market. 

Liceo A. Bertolucci ( ) is a Secondary State School that offers different profiles: Maths and Science, Music, Sports. Founded in in 2007, it counts about 1000 students between 14 and 19 years of age. In 2017 Liceo Bertolucci has been certified a Cambridge International School and offers a special curriculum for the IGCSE qualification. This year a new experimental 4 year long course and a Maths+ one have been opened.