Shape The
Future Teacher
Erasmus+ KA2 Project
We develop and apply learning scenarios using I.C.T. tools
in a wide and diverse range of subjects (STEM, Entrepreneurship, Cultural Heritage, Citizenship and Environment)

About the project

With the “SHAPE the Future teacher” project our intention is to comply with these priorities. It is a partnership between five secondary education schools from five European countries (Greece, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain) supported by a scientific association. The core idea is to develop and apply a set of learning scenarios using I.C.T. tools in a wide and diverse range of subjects . The main target group of the project is primarily Teachers of secondary education both general and vocational schools/Institutions who will implement these scenarios with their students (15-19 years old),thus making them directly beneficiaries. We estimate that the total number of the participants involved directly and indirectly will reach approximately 4000 people.

  • the exchange of good practices between teachers all over Europe
  • upgrading teaching methods in a wide and diverse range of subjects. S.T.E.M., entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, citizenship and environment,
  • reinforcing the development of key competences in a fast-changing world for both teachers and students including multilingual competences,
  • entrepreneurial mind-set, critical thinking and creativity,
  • cooperation in S.T.E.M. as well as skills in fields such as climate action,, but also social and learning-to-learn competences.
  • developing new, innovative and multidisciplinary curricula and pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning with I.C.T. tools,
  • promoting training in education by the creation of a network for teaching material in the English language preparing the new and fully competent future citizens of Europe,
  • realizing the importance of a digital “mindset” for future professions and better employability as well as for university studies

A training session-workshop for teachers to provide them with theoretical and technical knowledge for developing scenarios including the I.C.T. tools. Subsequently in each partner school teachers will use this Knowledge to build and apply a set of learning scenarios in the English language, in different teaching subject, regarding three different topics. related to STEM, entrepreneurship, cultural heritage.In the last stage they will be applied in a classroom consisted of students and teachers originated from different partner/countries. Through evaluations at all stages, improvements will be made to the final deliverable.

  • the creation of an open and flexible learning content in a set of bilingual educational learning scenarios in a wide and diverse range of subjects using IT. All the scenarios will be available for wider use in English and respectively in Greek, Italian, French, Portuguese or Spanish.
  • a teaching/learning resource material about the main learning theories (behavior, constructivism and social development theories) and the models of incorporation of the ICT tools into the learning process.
  • a “scenario resource platform” for a network of educational institutions and their students and teachers that will allow them to access innovative methodology and technology
  • the incorporation of digital literacy into the school curriculum
  • to empower students and develop their competence of “learning
  • to learn” through new methods to help teachers boost their professional development with new pedagogical approaches an improvement of the attitude towards people from different cultures and countries,
  • developing educational practices in pace with the modern needs and demands.
  • to promote the importance of English as a Second Language, encouraging dynamic and motivating pedagogical methodologies In the long-run we strive to equip teachers with upgraded skills and achievement of professional development.
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